Mt Wellington

I thought the nose was really good and quite complex.

The palate was somewhat a surprise as it has taken on a lot of wood influence which wasn’t really suggested to that extent in the nose.

The finish, I thought was good but the bitterness took most of the attention. I happen to be really sensitive to bitter things.

Anyway, I would rate the whisky an 8.1/10. Thanks for thinking of me and I will show the product around to see what others think of it.

Overall not a bad result considering its fate a year or so ago.

Nose: Lots of malt, pine resin, Nougat, Brandy soaked pears, furniture polish.

Palate: Sweet and tannic with white pepper and nutmeg quite grippy and bitter and sappy.

Finish: Wood spice, Pistachio nougat, cereals and cinotto  and furniture polish and boiled sweet.

Hey Timmy having your whisky with Monte No 2 cigar and its awesome with it, indeed 9.2/10

Shane Kalloglian
Premium Scotch Importers