Convict Redemption

** Is This Tim Ducket’s Best Yet?

Hearwood’s Latest & Greatest

Heartwood Convict Redemption 11yo 500ml 72.5%

Is the best Heartwood yet? Another totally unbelievable malt from Mr Duckett, and yes at this alcoholic weight it is massively expressive bordering on aggressive. But that is the absolute joy of this dram, it really takes you to the boundaries BUT doesn’t quite cross over. Every part of this dram is just kept in check.

This time Tim has used Tas Distillery spirit made by Bill Lark that was matured in ex port barrels. Less than 100 bottles released.

The nose is chock full of fresh cut oak, dried fruits, a touch of old fashioned furniture polish, a hint of brandy, cardamom with just the barest hint of mint.

The length is ripping, long and intensive but overall very well polished and there we go again, it is just borderline aggressive. But not quite. To me this gives this belter a certain nervous quality. And look out for the well-polished barley, it’s a beaut. dried fruits, white pepper. kitchen spice, with a touch of sweet vanilla ice cream. And it just lingers and linger and lingers.

Is this the best Duckett release yet?

You betcha it is!!


Graham Wright
The Odd Whisky Coy