Release the Beast


Nose gives a lot of spices, nutmeg, leather, caramel, sage, espresso, nuts, and rosemary at first. Then a thick almost meaty flavour emerges, bbq flavours… Quite meaty, almost like a good piece of bacon in there with some pine wood, and dried fruits, vigs, prunes, raisin, and a bunch of heather honey. It is a quite complex nose must say. It keeps on developing and releasing more and more.


Sticky toffee pudding, spices, liqeurish, wood, meaty bbq, honey and heather at first.
Then after the first initial WOW also from the 65,4% has faded a bit the notes come flying around on my palate. Creme brûlée, sugar cane, vanilla, raisin, mango, prunes, spices, heather honey, abricots, orange, mint, cinnamon, christmas cake, and so many more. Oh my. What a dram. Balanced and complex, full of sweet notes, combined with the heavier ones, it just gives it a very beautiful balance….

Long finish, and beautiful, ending in a bit chocolate and espresso mix, making up a mocca creamy flavour.


Gonna give this one a 9 out of 10. Had the pleasure of tasting this one at a blind twitter tasting and this was definitely the highlight of the night, just wow! Very intrigued by this one must say. On their website they state a couple of details on this one, but not much is made known sadly. They say it is matured in two port barrels and then married in an Australian Sherry cask, that makes really a hell of a combination must say!

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