Release the Beast

Ok I am now one of the special few who have had the pleasure of tasting the Beast.

The small but gratefully accepted tasting bottle lasted for 5 evenings and provided that moment of pure relaxation at the end of the day.

This is a real leather chair by a fire drink. It’s such a pity that cigars are no longer PC. I love big whiskeys – sit me down with a laphroaig and you can keep me happy for a long time but I have to admit its a while since I have been treated to a full power cask strength masterpiece like the Beast.

Take your time is my advice. So deep but without the burn that your palate might expect from something with this much punch. Big bold round thick and dark (a bit like its maker) I am still trying to name the flavours and layers that pleasured me and wish I had another few drams (or Happies as I tend to call them) to fully lubricate my wordsmithing.

The colour is deep , almost as deep as the wild tannin waters of Tasmanias southwest wilderness. And this is certainly something different to many of the lighter sweeter vanilla highlights of other Tasmanian whiskies. Although larks latest and the port influenced whiskies of others have broadened the styles and provided big whisky pleasures to my tongue and palate.

And of course the beast wears its barrel influences out there and with aplomb. Sherry overtones and port colors. Brilliant. Well done ducat. If Lark is obe one kenobe you are surely Luke sky walker. May the power be with us all.

Andrew Smith