Convict Unchained

The Convict Unchained:

When presented with a sample at 72% everyone raises an eyebrow whether it be voluntarily or not.

Like all of Mr. Duckett’s samples that come to my door, opening the lid is enough to let a huge whack of port cask notes titillate the nose with sultanas and caramels. On closer inspection of the nose we get a decent amount of woody notes which sometimes I feel are absent from the Heartwood whisky’s. The Convict has been aged for 11 years in a port cask and it really does show it with marmalade like, sharp sweetness.

A taste of this whisky is enough to shake the kilt off a Scotsman, it screams port cask and I’m buggered if I know how so much sweetness can come out of 72% alcohol, it is immense however a little locked up. A dash of water is perfect for allowing that little bit of wood to rejoin the party and release the concentrated caramel flavours.

I think that this whisky is all about the finish. It hangs around for ages and leaves an almost molasses flavour on my palate. The plums from the port cask can now be detected and there’s even more fruits to be discovered.

Overall this whisky is definitely not one to be giving to your granny or your son on his 18th birthday, the alcohol ensures that only the whisky die hard will ever understand it. Heartwood whisky’s are staying true to their traits. High alcohol, massive flavour concentration they just need to be “unchained.”

Review by:
Chez Regine / Whisky + Alement