Mt Wellington

Hi Tim

Thought you may be interested in hearing of the Macquarie Gillies tasting results from our meeting last weekend where the Heartwood ‘Mt Wellington’ was examined.

In short, the result was absolutely fantastic, with 4 of the 11 panellists awarding it 8.0 or over, and only one giving it less than a 7 (6.8 to be exact). Average score came in a 7.56  and was second only on the day. Comments included ‘the best Aussie whisky I’ve tasted’, ‘great Aussie whisky’, etc.

Nose was crème brulee, caramel & sweet orange; palate of toasted pink marshmallow, marmalade, lemon meringue pie, and an ‘exploding eucalypt bushfire’; the finish had bushfire smoke, lingering heat, menthol & iodine, whilst being ‘smooth & pleasant’.

As a general rule, we only ever cautiously add water in Macquarie Gillies (although this is entirely optional, but it usually is seen to maybe release the nose, but at the premium of a weakened palate), whereas the overall feeling was that water did indeed improve the Heartwood Mt Wellington right across the board, highlighting the vanilla & mintiness, making it smoother, and adding to its overall balance.

This is the second outing of Mt Wellington at a Macquarie Gillies – last time (June 2012) it scored a 7.82 with similar comments as above, and was most certainly acclaimed as the best we’ve tasted out of Australia.

In short, what a stunner: well done! Macquarie Gillies applauds you!

Can you supply me some info & feedback on your latest Convict Unchained and Convict Release please.


Bruce Ferrier
Laird, Macquarie Gillies