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Heartwood - Shade of Night


 Wizards Gold Medal HoD 2018

Southern Hemisphere Whisky of the Year Heartwood






Gold Medal Award



Winner of the inaugural Peter Duly ‘Dram Of The Year’ Award from the Macquarie Branch of The Gillies Club - Australia.




Drink good whisky slowly and responsibly...

Stages of Whisky Consumption


Tailored classic 

Smoke and peat

Flavour magic 

Mellow and sweet


Sherry giant

All appeal

Dark in colour 

Pour to reveal


Perfect nose

A floral arrangement

Mouth presence

Like road pavement


Whisky tasting 

Quite a treat

Belly warming 

Feel the heat


Length persistent

Quite a pleasure

Now to pour

One more measure


Boring description

Can offend

Let’s drink the whisky 

To the end


Whisky consumed 

Become obtrusive

Scotch versus Irish

Get abusive


Whisky culture, 

Whisky snob

Glass selection, 

What a knob


Still standing 

Quite a feat

Drink too much

Can hardly speak


Many whiskies

Grace the palate

Partner threatening 

With a mallet


Brain function 

Slips a little

Mind and body 

Oh so brittle


Too many whiskies 

Heavy head

Consumed enough

Stay in bed


Revival needed

Following day

Ready next night 

More whisky play


Whisky drinkers 

Slow to learn

Night after night 

A whisky return


Lovely whiskies

Make us frenetic

We can’t help it

It must be genetic


Consider sobriety

Stop drinking today 

You must be joking

No bloody way


To be honest 

A silly rhyme

Serious work? 

Too much time


by Tim Duckett