Velvet Hammer

Tim Duckett… you’ve done it again!

Brand new for April 2013, this is a massive, massive malt BUT very sweet and creamy.

Loads of honeycombe, sweet, biscuity malt (in fact me thinks this is the finest definition of malt in an Aussie whisky I have ever seen…brilliant).

The nose has a mouthwatering quality.

All American oak matured, but this is both classy and immensely enjoyable and the killer is that it is so highly drinkable.

And it also just so pure and clean.

Loads of malt on the palate, honey, creamy oak.

Long palate that finishes rather crisply with lingering maltiness.

And best of all…there is a distinct feeling at the end …that you really do need another glass!

From Graham Wright
(The Odd Whisky Coy)